Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

preventing burglaries in your homeBurglaries are higher in the winter months and the festive period can be a peak. So how can you take steps to secure your property?

According to Aviva, burglary rates rise by an average of 26% in the latter half of the year when compared with earlier in the year.

Taking advantage of shorter daytime hours and valuable home contents, burglars often choose the festive period as the prime time to strike.

Strathclyde in Scotland sees burglaries increase by over 50% in the run-up to Christmas. Leicester and Surrey, however, do much better achieving increases of just 3% and 4%; Staffordshire however actually has a decrease in burglaries over Christmas of 3%.

Post Office research has revealed that a quarter of Brits go without contents insurance, despite the fact that 44 million people admit being burgled would prompt them to invest in the product.

But whether you do or don’t have home insurance, there are several things you can do to increase the security of your home. Follow these tips to get started:

Home security alarms

According to a report from UK Home Security Week 2010, just one third of homes in the UK have an alarm fitted.

These alarms typically contain a wall mounted unit that is fitted to the external wall of your property, in an area clearly visible by passers-by. Alarms are perhaps the most common form of burglar deterrent, sending a clear message to potential criminals.


According to Secure One, 20% of all burglaries are not the result of accessing a property by force.

Many households lack vital security equipment, such as external locks to the rear of their property.

Locks, chains and other devices are all easy to fit and simple to use but can be great deterrents. It is always important to match the lock to the specific area where it will be placed and always look for areas which may be vulnerable – such as sheds, garages and gates.

Security cameras

Another great deterrent, security cameras are an easy way to improve the safety of your home. These are the perfect device because they act as a clear deterrent, whilst also ensuring you have a high level of visibility at all times.

As there are over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year, increasing visibility and monitoring at your home is essential and these devices could help catch assailants responsible for breaking into your home.

Better practices

Of course, not all home security is generated from devices, and homeowners need to be responsible for their own actions to help maintain the security of their home.

According to information from UK Home Security Week, one fifth of British households admit they carelessly leave windows open when out, despite the fact that 45% of them believe that locks on windows and doors are sufficient and effective forms of home security.

20% of burglars gain access without using force and a large number of them will simply enter your property via open doors and windows.

Addressing your own habits can help reduce the chances of burglary. Simply closing and locking all windows and doors before leaving the house is the easiest way to ensure burglars are not given an easy point of access.


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