Three ways technology can help make your home more secure

Three ways technology can help make your home more secure

Many people’s homes are asset-rich environments with contents that have been lovingly collected over years, if not a lifetime. iStock_000016948976XSmall

So apart from the financial hassle and cost of claiming on home insurance for a burglary, including loss of no claims discount and the excess, the emotional trauma of having items stolen that can have great meaning can be awful.

However, if you’re truly worried about thieves getting their hands on your much-treasured goods, security technology is advancing at a rapid pace to the point where a home can be made just about impregnable.

And we’re not talking about devices which your average, perhaps technophobic, homeowner might find difficult to use and understand.

Here are three relatively easy to install and cost-effective gadgets that could make your home a much safer place, deterring potential burglars from even thinking about robbing it in the first place.

Three cost-effective gadgets to make your home more secure

1. Outdoor security cameras

The most modern outdoor security cameras are internet-enabled with night vision capability.

The cameras are motion-activated so they’re able to follow the action around your home as it happens and allow you to access what the camera is showing via an internet connection anywhere in the world.

You can even view it through free mobile apps on your phone, and also set up email alerts and have video-footage recorded automatically wirelessly.

For around £250 you should be able to set yourself up with state-of-the-art camera protection over just a few hours.

2. Garage-door opener

The scenario may be a familiar to you; you drive home late at night and notice a dodgy-looking person lurking on your street close to where you live. The last thing you want to do is have to get out of your car to open the garage door and really wish you could do so automatically from your locked vehicle.

Of course, automatic garage-door openers have been around for a while, but the latest use wireless technology via a network adapter which you plug into your home router.

You can then open your garage door automatically using any web browser and a number of free phone apps. And you’ll be able to let friends and family in and out, if needs must, remotely while you’re away from home.

It’s also useful if you want to check if you left the garage door open, or if you’re in a real rush and activate it a few minutes before you arrive home so you can just drive straight in without pausing.

You can also control lighting with many models and open and close the doors at pre-set times if you wish. Back-up batteries are usually included in case of power failures in the home.

Decent versions cost around £300.

3. Hi-tech alarm kits

Forget old-fashioned alarms which often go off seemingly for no reason so that they’re now widely ignored by neighbours.

The latest alarms include the most sophisticated motion sensors and also allow you to control many aspects of your home as well, such as turning lights on and off and changing the temperature remotely.

They can also send you alerts if there’s a possible intruder, and the most-sophisticated can be linked in with hi-tech locking systems, allowing you to lock and unlock doors and windows in your home from anywhere in the world.

Monitoring contracts are available so you can have professional security companies ready to react to any break-in 24 hours-a-day. This option does involved fairly hefty annual fees for the better monitoring services.

Professional installation might be a good idea, although manufacturers claim homeowners could do it themselves.

You should expect to pay around £400 for the better, latest hi-tech alarm systems, and more for the most sophisticated versions.

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