The Ten Most Useful iPad Apps For Homeowners

The Ten Most Useful iPad Apps For Homeowners

iPad apps for home ownersIt’s safe to assume that you would welcome anything that makes life easier whilst searching for your first home, or moving house, or even improving the house you’re in right now. So, with the iPad being so easy to use (once you know how!) what better place to start looking for ways to make home owning more straightforward.

Best apps..

… for finding that home:

1. Rightmove (free)

This app is great if you’re currently looking to get on the property ladder or moving soon. Using your GPS location, you can see properties in the area you’re in at that very moment – with up-to-date information on over a million properties on the market.

2. Primelocation (free)

Yes, it’s essentially the same thing as Rightmove’s offering, although a bit more ‘bells and whistles’. However, it’s worth noting that not all properties will be on both, so get the two for a seriously comprehensive view of the area you’re moving to – they’re free, why not!

3. Mouseprice (£2.99)

This is a really interesting app whether you want to find out house prices in the area or whether you want to be incredibly nosy! It boasts property price information on over 26 million UK homes, 11 land registry records. Mouseprice shows you the amount that house prices have risen.

4. UK Mortgate Calculator (free)

Pretty self-explanatory, this app allows you to work how much you can borrow. You can calculate your potential monthly payments for repayment, interest-only and flexible (overpayment) mortgages. It also has a buy-to-let feature which lets you determine the rent required and a remortgage calculator – so you can see what savings you can make.

5. Zoopla (free)

This one is cool. And uses augmented reality, which is always fun. Simply point the iPad at the property of your dreams or use the map-led search to find out whether it’s on the market, what it was last sold for and how much it might be worth too.

… for doing up that home:

6. Home Design 3D

With the Home Design 3D app you can create a 2D floorplan of your home, select the furniture, doors and windows from a directory. Then the fun begins – use a 3D mock-up of your house to start moving it all around.

7. Paint tester £2.49

Use uploaded pictures of your walls to visualise paint colours to make sure that lovely mauve colour really looks good as an accent wall by the chimney! It will only colour the selected area and takes into account the lighting. Clever.

8. Gardening Toolkit (£1.49)

Useful if you’re lucky enough to have any outside space – from a full garden to a window-box or hanging baskets. This intelligent app will take into account where you live, what the season is and when frosts are likely. Seriously clever.

9. Sum+it Billing Buddy (£2.99)

The Sum+it app is actually useful for any project, but great for home improvement or renovation projects. Price up, stay on budget, work out contractor costs and where you might be able to save money.

… for insuring the stuff in that home

10. MyStuff2 (£2.99 – or free for the ‘lite’ version)

This inventory facility is user-friendly and more graphically appealing than other similar apps. Define the categories of possessions that you want to record and then choose from a large catalogue of items, or manually enter the info you want to keep and even upload photos of said items.

Have you found any useful iPad apps you can share with us?

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