Insurance guide for new mums and dads

Insurance guide for new mums and dads

A new arrival in the family is an exciting (and often sleepless) time. A new baby will no doubt bring about changes to your daily routine and lifestyle – but will your insurance needs also be affected?

Here are 3 considerations:

Home Insurance

You’ll no doubt have some level of home insurance in place already. Alongside your buildings and contents insurance, you may also want to consider Accidental Damage cover.

This is sometimes offered as an optional extra and can help cover those accidental mishaps around the home that can be very costly to put right. This type of cover could come in handy with a new baby, or indeed a curious toddler, around the house.

In addition, remember to take into account all the new items you’ve bought for your baby. Everyday childcare essentials – such as prams and cots– can amount to thousands of pounds when you add up their collective value. Check that your level of contents cover is sufficient to cover all your extra purchases.

Life Insurance

With a young family, you may want to start thinking about putting life insurance in place. If you have dependents who rely on you financially, this cover could help your family to stay financially secure should anything happen to you.

A life insurance policy could help secure your family’s financial future after your death. It could help your partner to cover mortgage repayments, living costs and childcare/school fees etc.

You can buy life insurance as a joint life policy. This would mean it covers both you and your partner but would only pay out on a first death basis, i.e. it would only pay out once and then the cover would cease. You can also purchase two single life policies – which might work out as better value.

A life insurance policy could give you peace of mind that your family would meet financial demands if you weren’t there.

Travel Insurance

As with your home, there will no doubt be additional baby items you’ll take with you on holiday. Pay particular attention to baggage cover limits and excess amounts. Could your insurance reimburse you if you had to replace essential lost or stolen items?

Also, look at the level of protection offered for medical expenses. It’s very important to have a sufficient amount of medical protection for your trip, to make sure your whole family is protected for the costs of illness or injury abroad.

Look out for family travel insurance policies. Sometimes your whole family can be covered under the one policy and young children will often be included for free.

Be aware that some insurers’ definition of ‘family’ can be quite restrictive. It can sometimes only refer to a husband and wife and biological children. However, many insurers have a much more encompassing and inclusive outlook on the modern family – including step children, foster children and unmarried couples in their family policies.

Policy Expert

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