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Garden gadgets for all budgets

Garden gadgets for all budgets

Garden gadgets

The British are renowned for being crazy about their gardens, but anyone who’s spent all day weeding, trimming and mowing knows it’s not all a bed of roses.

Luckily, there are plenty of hi-tech gadgets on the market that can make gardening a lot easier. Here are five of the most useful:


Robot mower – John Deere Tango E5 (around £2,000)

This wonderful robo-mower from John Deere is most gardeners’ fantasy machine.

It dodges obstacles with relative ease, is programmable to work within set boundaries and, unlike many cheaper competitors, works on slopes and in the rain. It will mow up to half an acre (2,023 square metres); in other words, very large lawns.

Amazing wheel barrow – The Sherpa Power Barrow by Mower Magic (around £550)

Hefting a wheel barrow around can set off back and neck problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have on which did most of the hefting for you!?

The Sherpa Power Barrow is a beast of a barrow, with a high-powered electric motor and three wheels for great balance. Its finger throttle and lockable disc brakes make for easy control. You’ll quite possibly never go back to an ‘old-fashioned’ barrow after using it.


Plant protector – Rentokil FC78 cat and fox deterrent (around £20)

Cats and foxes are the bane of many gardeners’ lives. They dig up plants and lawns, leave faeces, damage fences and cause all sorts of mayhem.

Rentokil’s FC78 animal deterrent is a humane way to keep them at bay. It’s a device which basically emits a noise which isn’t detectable to the human ear but which will keep the pesky critters away. It works in all weather conditions.


Watering device – Hozelock Cloud Controller (around £110)

Any gardener knows that leaving plants un-watered isn’t something you want to do! But it can be tricky to arrange when you go on holiday.

The Hozelock Cloud Controller gizmo solves that problem, as well as giving you weather alerts and suggesting any changes needed to your watering regime. You need to hook it up to an existing Hozelock irrigation system, then you can control it remotely via an app and never worry about watering while away again!


Weed killing – GartenMeister Hot Air Weed Burner (around £60)

Don’t fear the weeds! This superb hand-held tool destroys weeds by blasting them with hot air heated to 600 degrees Celsius. It breaks down a weed’s cell structure, killing it with long-lasting effect.

The Hot Air Weed Burner is relatively environmentally friendly, working from electricity, and won’t hurt other plants (as long as you aim correctly!). It’s also a useful de-icer, paint stripper and BBQ lighter.



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Published 24th May 2018