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What’s in your suitcase?

What’s in your suitcase?

January is often the coldest month, so it’s perhaps no surprise that travel-related websites see their online traffic peak at this time of year as millions dream of jetting off somewhere warmer. Many don’t just dream, they also do something to make it real.

Latest figures from insurer Policy Expert show that almost 8 million Britons have booked a trip abroad in the next few months, and will be taking a whopping average of £894 worth of personal belongings with them.

Favourite types of trip

Famed for a love of Spain and other Mediterranean destinations, beach holidays are the firm favourite for nearly one-in-two (48%) Brits, but a more cultured one-in-seven (14%), the second highest number, prefer a city break.

Some clearly can’t stand the idea of sweating on the sand or urban environments while they’re away so opt for an ‘activity holiday’ (7%) instead.

The lure of the open sea, as well as the luxury that can accompany it if you pay enough, makes booking a cruise the holiday of choice also for one-in-fourteen (7%) too.

Carrying items with an average value of £894, Brits take an awful lot of valuable stuff with them when away, whether they’re intending to soak up the rays or tramp round city art galleries.

This can make them a good target for thieves, and many don’t have the right insurance to help pay for replacements if they’re robbed or simply careless and lose things.

As you’d perhaps expect, mobile phones top the list of most popular possessions for nearly all holidaymakers (92%) which could be costly to replace.

Passports and other travel documents are next for just over three-in-four (77%), and are also valuable items for thieves to get their hands on.

Sunglasses can also be expensive to replace and nearly three-in-four (73%) take them on their travels.

The next most commonly carried valuable is the hard to get back wad of cash, but two-thirds (67%) still carry foreign currency around with them while away.

The ubiquity of hand-held devices is shown in the stats with almost one-in-two (45%) taking a tablet or some sort or Kindle for quieter hotel moments or delays at the airport.

Sparkly items on fingers and around necks and wrists can also prove irresistible to criminals but almost one-in-three (32%) can’t resist packing jewellery.

Hair straighteners and dryers are also in the bags of the same number (32%) along with designer clothes for one-in-ten (10%) and iPods (8%).

Holidays uncovered

Worryingly, some won’t have the right insurance to cover them if anything happens to themselves or their possessions while away however.

Policy Expert’s research reveals that over one in six (16%) say they don’t take out travel insurance. Of course, this means that the vast majority (84%) sensibly do have cover, but only if they’re going abroad.

If it’s a ‘staycation’, a holiday within the UK, that they’re taking the feeling among the vast majority (75%) of those that are is that they don’t need any insurance for their trip with only one-in-four (25%) indicating they’ll be covered while away.

Policy Expert

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Published 25th January 2019