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What happens when your holiday plans are rained on?

What happens when your holiday plans are rained on?


You’re about to go on holiday and are completely ready, with bags packed, appliances switched off and the cat at the cattery. Then disaster strikes – one of the kids wakes up with chicken pox and you can’t go.

There are many reasons a holiday might be cancelled – from a nasty illness, to the weather and strike action – but whatever the reason, unless you’re covered by travel insurance, you could ending up spending a lot of money for nothing.


Here are the ways insurance can help if your holiday plans are rained on and ruined:


Strike action

Whether it’s striking pilots, air traffic controllers, train drivers or ground crew, most policies cover you for industrial action. That is usually for additional nights’ accommodation, alternative travel arrangements, food and some spending money.


Cancelled flights

Cancelled flights are a bit of a grey area when it comes to travel insurance. Most policies won’t cover you for short term disruption, as flights are cancelled so often, but those causing costly delays of more than 24 hours often are.


Cancellation due to illness or injury

You might have to cancel your holiday, or come home early, because you, or a close relative becomes ill or are injured – it has to be ‘close’, a child or partner, for example, but not an aunt or cousin. If so, you should be able to claim back money you’ve already spent.



The same as for illness or injury applies to bereavement. Once again though, it has to be a ‘close’ family member that has passed away.



It’s not uncommon for a summer holiday to be booked in, say, January, only for redundancy to make it undesirable or impossible to go away. Again, this circumstance is usually covered. Bear in mind that you can’t become redundant for reasons such as misbehaviour or leaving a job voluntarily.


Fire, flood or burglary

If you’ve the misfortune to be hit by flooding or your home has been damaged by fire or even if you’ve been burgled, and you don’t feel you can go away, you can usually claim for holiday costs compensation. Likewise, if this were to happen while you’re away, and you need to return early, the same applies.


Jury service and court appearances

Being called up for jury service is something that can happen any time and travel cover takes this into account. The same applies if you’re summoned to appear in court – as a witness, for example.


Foreign Office warnings

If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against ‘all travel’, or ‘all but essential travel’, you’re covered, as long as the advice is issued before you spent money on your holiday plans. This could be due to natural disaster or civil unrest, for example.



f you or a partner becomes pregnant after you’ve booked your holiday and a doctor advises against travel, again, you should be able to get the money you’ve already spent back.



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Published 16th September 2019