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The rise of the staycation

The rise of the staycation

The summer heatwave is proving a boon to the UK’s tourism industry as Brits decide to stay in the country for their summer holiday this year, latest figures show.

But many are taking risks by not having the right insurance cover in place for their staycation, the analysis by insurer Policy Expert also indicates.

Over half taking staycations, and looking for ‘hidden gems’

Over half of Brits (53%) said they’re planning some sort of trip within these shores, with the good old British seaside being their favourite destination.

Around half (47%) are doing so because they love the great British countryside and just about two-in-five (39%) say it’s due to the UK being full of ‘hidden gems’.

For many (37%), it’s simply because it’s easier than going abroad and one-in-five (27%) are doing so because they find it a cheaper option.

Another one-in-five (21%) say it means they can be more spontaneous and flexible in terms of when and where they go.

Around one-in-twelve (8%) stay in the UK because they have young children and don’t like travelling too far and getting on planes with them.

A large minority (6%) holiday in the UK due to a fear of flying, and a small number (3%) are too worried about perceived terrorist threats and safety issues in other countries.

Most popular UK-based holiday types

Almost four-in-ten (39%) are going to the seaside, making a UK-based beach holiday the most popular type of break.

The beautiful parts of Britain’s interior lure one-in-five (20%) to a countryside retreat of some sort.

Brits still love their caravan trips, with almost one-in-five (19%) choosing one for their preferred UK holiday.

Heading to a city is popular with around one-in-six (16%), while one-in-ten (11%) plan to go camping.

Some clearly like doing activities while away; a hardy one-in-sixteen (6%) will be cycling and walking, with others going to festivals (3%), or boating (2%) or playing golf (1%).

Most popular areas

Perhaps due to the chance of better weather and its lovely beaches, the most popular part of the country for ‘staycationers’ is the South West (37%).

The green valleys and empty spaces of Wales make it the next most favoured destination for one-in-four (26%).

Just over one-in-five will be heading to Scotland (22%), followed closely by Yorkshire and the Humber (20%).

London shows it is still a major draw for British citizens, and not just foreigners, with over one-in-ten (11%) heading to the capital for the culture and sights.

Finances uncovered

Unfortunately for many, they don’t have the right sort of insurance to cover them if things go wrong while holidaying in the UK.

Well over half (57%) don’t take out any travel insurance if they’re staying in this country, and only one-in-ten (9%) do so occasionally.

Only one-in-three (33%) have away from home insurance as part of their general home cover, but 6%, or 3.1million Brits, say they’ve lost or damaged valuables while on a staycation. That’s a lot of people potentially facing some serious financial losses if something happens to items such as laptop computers, tablets and jewellery.


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Published: 18 July 2018