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Staycations vs foreign holidays: Are you covered?

Staycations vs foreign holidays: Are you covered?


Latest research from the insurer Policy Expert reveals that three-quarters of its customers have taken a holiday within the UK over the last year, but half aren’t insured.

Staycations are hugely popular

When asked how often they go away within the country’s borders, just under a third (31%) say they do so once a year.

Over a quarter (28%) travel somewhere within the British Isles twice a year, while a lucky one-in-seven (14%) take staycations three times a year and just under one-in-eight (13%) more than three times.

Most popular UK holidays

Almost 40% (39%) say they take trips within the UK. The most popular are those to the seaside (32.9%), city breaks (26.2%) and caravan holidays (22.1%).

Some don’t even leave the comfort of their own home, with almost one-in-seven saying they ‘holiday’ where they live (14.6%).

Walking and cycling breaks as well as camping trips are popular with 12.6% and 9.2% respectively.

UK festivals are attended by 4% and stag and hen parties away by 2.6%.

British golfing holidays are popular with 2.3% of adults.

Many travel with big financial risks

Policy Expert’s research backs up a recent study by VisitEngland, also showing the growing popularity of staycations, which suggested that some 6.6 million Brits had planned a trip within the UK during the Easter weekend back in April; up 10% on the previous year.

But while holidaymakers might be spending a lot on their trips, they’re also risking a lot too.

It’s certainly true that by staying within the UK the cost of medical treatment isn’t really an issue, however there is still the potential for financial disaster; accommodation providers can still go bust, travel plans still be disrupted by bad weather and strikes, and personal possessions and cash still lost, damaged or stolen.

Only half have any sort of cover at all

Only half of holidaymakers that took part in Policy Expert’s survey (50%) had any ‘away from home’ cover as part of their home insurance to provide protection while away for their possessions.

But this doesn’t provide any additional cover for extra costs, such as emergency accommodation or travel, but only two-thirds (68%) said they take out separate travel insurance, leaving themselves exposed to financial risk.

A family of five needing a couple of extra unplanned nights somewhere, and new train tickets, could easily find themselves shelling out upwards of a thousand pounds.

Travel cover still vital within the UK

Travel insurance would provide the right sort of insurance for such eventualities, and although it sometimes comes as a freebie with some home insurance policies, or credit cards, it’s not with many.

Annual travel policies aren’t expensive, often only £30 to £40, and, compared to the financial risk consumers are taking by going away without any cover, they represent very good value.

Policy Expert

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Published 29 June 2017