Pregnant Women Warned over Travel Insurance

A recent case involving an expectant mother and a cancelled trip to Africa has raised issues regarding pregnancy and travel insurance where the expectant mother to be wants to cancel her trip.iStock_000003667037XSmall

Medical Advice

Usually when taking out cover there is a clause for if you have to cancel a holiday because of a medical condition, as long as you were not aware of that medical condition when you took out the policy or made the booking. However, a pregnant mother was recently refused a pay-out for a cancelled trip to Africa due to the malaria risk even though medical professional advised against travelling and she was not pregnant when taking out her policy.


Some insurance companies will pay out costs associated with cancelling flights or a holiday due to complications in pregnancy and others will not, and in many cases decisions appear to be made on a case by case basis. This makes it very hard for pregnant women to know where they stand, and unless you are actively trying for a baby, it’s something you’re unlikely to pay much attention to when you take out the policy in the first place.

Doing Without?

Publicity over difficulties in claiming for pregnancy related difficulties could lead to pregnant women risking travelling without insurance, but this really is a false economy. The costs, both financial and emotional, of being taken ill overseas without family support are enormous, and in the worst case scenario it could costs tens of thousands of pounds to air ambulance a pregnant mum back to the UK with medics in attendance. It’s simply not worth the risk – for you or for your baby.

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