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Over 3 million homes at risk of theft as winter sun-seekers go on holiday

Over 3 million homes at risk of theft as winter sun-seekers go on holiday


Millions of Brits jet off each year in January to help beat the winter blues. But these sun-seekers are leaving around 3.25million homes vulnerable to burglary at a time when the days are still short, which thieves just love.

Millions flee the winter weather

Recent statistics from the insurer Policy Expert show that 12% of the population, over 7million people, will be heading abroad over the coming weeks.

Almost a third are going away twice this year (31%), while one-in-four (26%) will be lucky enough to manage 3 to 4 trips.

But while you’re away…

However, it’s not all fun and frolics; on return, almost one-in-twenty (4%) find that something has happened which leads them to make a claim on their home insurance.

The most common claims are for leaks from pipes and other water damage, including flooding. Burglary, many householders’ worst nightmare, is second on the list.

Average claim over £2,000

The average claim value stood at £2,146, showing just how important it is to have insurance cover in place, as well as home security sorted out.

Some holiday makers sensibly take precautionary measures while away, including setting lights to come on randomly (65%), asking neighbours to pick up the post (45%) and having someone open and close the curtains (26%).

Here are a number of simple but often highly-effective steps holidaymakers should take to help secure their homes:

  1. Put lights on timers.
  2. Don’t leave driveways left empty.
  3. Fit external motion sensor lights (they cost very little and are easy to fit)
  4. Keep more valuable items out of sight of windows.
  5. Don’t leave keys near entry points such as windows and letter boxes.
  6. Avoid posting anything on social media saying you’re away.
  7. Cancel deliveries such as milk and newspapers.
  8. Get family, neighbours or friends to pop round and open and close curtains.
  9. Use timer switches for lights (even for radios and TVs).
  10. Double check all windows and doors are securely fastened.
  11. If you only have Yale locks on main entry doors, get mortice locks fitted.

Policy Expert

If your home is your haven, you’ll want it to have the best protection. Compare quotes from our range of handpicked insurers and tailor a policy to suit you. For more information, you can call our experts on 0330 0600 600 or visit for more ways to reach us.


Published 20 Jan 2017