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Are we there yet? Keeping children happy in the car

Are we there yet? Keeping children happy in the car

With staycation bookings soaring during the pandemic, thousands of families will soon be driving to their holiday destination this summer instead of flying or taking the train.

If you’re travelling with kids, you’ve probably already started to wonder how you’ll keep them happy in the car throughout the journey because, let’s face it, happy kids equals happy parents! So, here are our top tips for keeping your little ones entertained in the car.

Activity books

An old faithful. Cheap and cheerful to purchase – an activity book filled with stickers and puzzles involving your child’s favourite characters is a sure-fire way to pass some time. To help keep the mess to a minimum, we’d recommend crayons and avoid felt tip pens whilst in the car.


Audiobooks are great for children’s imaginations. Help pass the time by allowing your children to get carried away listening to their favourite story.

Online streaming

Using a smartphone or tablet, channels such as the BBC and ITV provide free apps that allow your kids to watch their favourite TV series, listen to music and play games free of charge.

Netflix and Disney apps also allow you to download films and shows before you leave the house – which means you won’t use all your monthly data in one afternoon!

Stop for breaks

Factor in time for a few stops along the way. Allowing kids to stretch their little legs, have a snack and go to the toilet helps break up the trip and keeps them happy and hydrated.

Home comforts

Especially for younger children, having their favourite teddy or blanket in the car can help provide some additional comfort on the journey.

Travel sickness

If your child is prone to feeling unwell on car journeys, it’s a good idea to keep the fresh air flowing. Plan lots of stops enroute and consider buying anti-sickness bands or medication from a pharmacy.