How to get a good travel cover deal if you’re over 50

Most people who have just turned 50 would tell you they feel as well and healthy as they did in their 40s, or even their 30s. However, insurance companies offering holiday cover don’t quite think the same at home

Why cover gets more expensive

Statistically you’re much more likely to have something go wrong with you once you get past 50, which means many of those approaching, or in the ‘third age’ find the cost of cover can go up significantly.

A number of people show the first signs of longer term illnesses in their 50s, such as diabetes and heart-related issues.

For older holidaymakers, it gets harder…

By the time you hit your 60s, 70s and 80s, insurance can get really quite expensive and, largely depending on your medical history, sometimes even hard to find; some insurers won’t provide cover for those over a certain age.

However, all is not lost. It’s still possible to get a good policy at a reasonable price if you know where to look.

Specialist travel cover providers

There are a number of providers that specialise in travel cover for the over 50s which very much take into account your personal circumstances:

Saga – No upper age limit, many pre-existing medical conditions catered for, automatic cover for a large range of leisure activities and sports.

Age UK – No age limits and similar approach to pre-existing conditions as Saga. Also offers free travel cover for family members under 18.

Avanti Travel Insurance – Similar approach to Saga and Age UK, with some pre-existing conditions being covered without extra cost. Free cover for kids and grandchildren under-18.

AllClear – AllClear says it covers all destinations, as well as, surprisingly, all medical conditions and ages.

A note on specialist cover

If you’re relatively healthy, with no pre-existing medical conditions and aged between 50 and 75, you should still get quotes in the same way as before; by shopping around in all the usual ways.

The chances are you’ll find cover at a better price than with specialist providers. But if you’re over 75, and/or have health issues, you should approach specialist providers which you’ll find don’t charge that much more than ‘normal’ policies, depending on what your medical conditions are.

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