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Get your holiday off to a flying start

Get your holiday off to a flying start

Airports can seem like chaotic places to travellers as they often have to deal with many things at once; from tickets and passport control, to kids, luggage and other holiday paraphernalia.

Add in a touch of nerves, and it’s easy to understand why many take their eye off the ball and suddenly find they’ve had something stolen.


Airport robbery a common and costly experience

Latest research from insurer Policy Expert shows that more than one-in-ten (11%) have had belongings go missing before they even get on the plane, or at least know someone who has.

It can be a calamitous experience, as well as costly as Policy Expert’s findings reveal many don’t have any insurance to cover them.  The research shows that the average traveller takes luggage worth £400 with them.

For just under one-in-three (31%) it’s between £201 and £500, while a fifth (20%) carry items that would cost a lot more to replace, from £501 to £1,000.

And for a large minority, one-in-sixteen (6%), the financial risk is even greater as the valuables they pack add up to anywhere between £1,001 and £2,000.

The problem a significant number face is that they won’t be able to claim any money back if they do have something stolen.


Zero cover, sky high risk

Policy Expert’s study shows that over one-in-ten (11%) travellers don’t take out travel insurance when they go away, so won’t be covered either while waiting at an airport or other travel hub in the UK or once they’re abroad.

Another one-in-four (25%) don’t have any away-from-home cover included in their home insurance policy, so also won’t be able to claim for the theft or loss of items while still in Britain.


Many don’t know if they’re covered or not

As just over 23.8million Brits expect to jet off this summer, that’s a huge amount of people potentially being left seriously out of pocket.

Unfortunately, many simply don’t know whether they have insurance or not (37%), and nearly half (45%) don’t realise that adding away-from-home cover to their home insurance would at least protect them while still in the UK.


Thieves love cash, phones and purses the most

Many holidaymakers might be left with their luggage, but very little to spend while they’re away as currency is the most commonly stolen item.

The next most popular things for thieves to target are mobile phones, sunglasses, purses/wallets and cameras.

Jewellery, hand-luggage bags, laptops, tablets and passports are also regularly taken.

A good number of things are simply lost, rather than taken, as one-in-twenty (5%) say they have handed something in to lost property while at an airport.


Many Brits are multiple trip takers

The figures also reveal that of those going away this summer, almost a third (32%) take a second trip at some point in the year and one-in-seven (14%) go on three trips.

A lucky one-in-ten (9%) jet off more than three times, while just over one-in-three (36%) only have one holiday.


Keep an eye on possessions, and insurance

Going away might be exciting, but it’s common sense to be vigilant while you’re at the airport.

Operations Director at Policy Expert, Adam Powell, recommends that holidaymakers “keep an eye on luggage, currency and any items purchased at the airport and be vigilant around others.”

He also suggests checking “whether your home insurance policy includes away from home cover – this will reimburse you should a personal possession be lost or stolen while out of the house at the airport.”


Policy Expert

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Published 19th June 2018