Fantastic winter activity holidays close to home

Although the days are getting longer and it’s only a month until the daffodils come out and you can sniff spring in the air, there’s still plenty of time to pack in a great deal of wintery fun. lech_04

For those that aren’t huge sun worshippers, there are some great winter activity holidays to be had close to home within Europe.

From building igloos to husky tours, here are four ideas for a snowy trip somewhere fascinating.

Build igloos in the French Alps

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating big blocks of snow and using them to build your own igloo! You’ll receive expert tuition from Undiscovered Alps, which runs activity holidays in the Southern French Alps. They walk you to a remote, safe spot and help you build your igloo. Other activities, such as snowshoe walking and ice-climbing are on offer as part of your holiday.

Holiday provider:

Cost: From around £350 per person (excluding flights, including accommodation and breakfast and dinner).

Stay in an ice hotel in Romania

As part of a wider tour of Romania’s beautiful and ancient Carpathian Mountains, with it’s amazing unspoilt scenery and villages, you get to stay at the Ice Hotel on Lake Balea. It’s a fantastic, serene experience with crystal clear skies above you and (important to note!) ice beds made extremely comfortable from plenty of furs, blankets and mattresses beneath you.

Holiday provider:

Cost: From around £1,100 per person (including flights, accommodation, breakfasts and dinners).

Winter walking in the Cairngorms national park, Scotland

Some would argue that Scotland’s scenery is at its best in winter, and this walking holiday, run by Wilderness Scotland, certainly helps you appreciate just how beautiful it can be.

Qualified guides take you through the world-famous Cairngorms national park from one B&B destination to the next. You pass through some of Europe’s most fantastic mountain environments, through ancient pine forests, and past locks and glens, doing what’s described as ‘easy hiking’. However, the walking is for around 5 hours each day, so you’ll deserve the fine Highland food you’ll eat in the evenings.

Holiday provider: Wilderness Scotland.

Cost: From around £670 for four nights (including B&B accommodation, lunch, evening meals and transport).

Husky tours in Finland

Taking a husky tour of the Kuusamo area of Finland, which is extremely remote and close to the Russian border, surely can’t be beaten in terms of exhilarating winter activity holidays.

You charge through pristine snowy forest wilderness and lakes, a landscape that’s full of elk and reindeer, pulled on sleds by teams of the famous husky dogs.

Holiday provider: The Border Inn (

Cost: From around £1,500 (including accommodation, all food, husky tours, warm clothing and transfers).

Activity holidays and your travel insurance

Not all travel insurance covers holidays which are of the more ‘active’ variety, especially if they include winter sports such as skiing or ice-climbing.

Some of the holidays suggested above, which include the type of thing that might be considered more ‘extreme’, such as ice-climbing or husky rides, may certainly not be covered by a standard policy.

You need to check before you leave if you have the right cover in place for the protection you need. Call an expert broker such as ourselves here at Policy Expert for advice; and don’t make the mistake of going without any cover at all, it could end up costing you a fortune in the unlikely event that things do go wrong.

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