Pets cause costly damage, but help choose where owners live!

Pets are causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage to UK homes every year, but their owners still prioritise a pet’s needs when it comes to choosing where to live, latest research shows. dog

In a survey by leading insurance broker Policy Expert, customers were asked questions related to pet ownership and their homes. The results reveal that while owning a pet, in particular dogs and cats, can result in costly damage, the furry household friend often still has as much influence as other ‘family’ members when decisions are being made about where to buy or rent.

Pets cause costly damage in many homes

A large number of respondents, 40%, say that their pet has at some point in its life caused damage to their home.

And for many, the cost of putting the damage right is high. Almost one in 20 indicated that during the last year their pet has caused damage worth £250 or more through such activities as chewing and scratching.

A not insignificant number, one in 37, or 2.65%, put the cost at more than £500, with some citing a figure of over £1,000.

Over one in ten, 11%, blame damage of between £50 and £250 on their pet, while 37% say the figure is only up to £50.

But the pet has equal rights…

Even though pets cause damage in a large number of homes, they are considered to be family equals, or almost family equals, the survey results suggest.

The love many people feel for the animals they keep far outweighs the downside of ownership, and the survey shows pets are given a great deal of consideration when it comes to their owners choosing where to live.

Of those people surveyed who own pets, one in three say that when it comes to deciding whether to buy or rent a particular home, the pet’s needs come equal to the rest of the family.

Another 44% indicated that the needs of the family cat, dog or other pet would at least be a factor in making the decision.

Only 13% say that their pet’s needs wouldn’t change a decision on where to move, while one in nine (who must seem clearly callous to some!) wouldn’t consider it at all.

Pet damage may not be covered on by home insurance

Pet owners should be aware that not all home insurance policies cover damage caused by a pet’s behaviour. In fact, it’s usually only the more expensive policies which include this as standard.

However, many insurers allow damage by pets to be added to a home cover policy for only a few pounds extra each month, so for those with unruly animals in the home, it might be worth considering.

Exclusions to some of the most common types of pet damage, such as carpet staining, will apply however, and can be quite extensive depending on the policy and insurer. So those seeking such cover should check the small print carefully.

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