Bonfire night = firework fright for pets

firwroks-300x297I have to admit it, bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the year. I’m a sucker for pie, peas and all the whizz-banging celebrations.

Of course I’m not alone; people of all ages will come out in their droves over this weekend to attend bonfire night festivities across the country.

Although it’s all fun and toffee apple for us humans, our poor old pets might not be quite as thrilled.

The loud noises can cause anxiety and panic for your pets, while the scene of firework festivities could prove hazardous.

Here are a few precautions to help keep your pet happy and safe this November 5th:

  • Keep your pets indoors on bonfire night and close doors and window to help limit the noise.
  • Set-up a play area for your pet, with the curtains closed to block out flashing lights. Put a selection of their favourite toys in the area as a distraction.
  • Exercise your dog in the daytime, don’t take him/her out in the evening just as celebrations start to kick-off.
  • Try to keep your cat indoors. Lock the cat flap to keep him/her from roaming into bonfire night festivities
  • Firework debris can be a risk to animals, so if you do have a firework party – make sure you clean up well afterwards.
  • For smaller animals, like hamsters and rabbits, make sure they have lots of extra bedding to burrow in if they are afraid.
  • If animals are frightened, try to ignore their behaviour as much as possible. Fussing over the pet may make them more stressed and anxious. Only intervene if they’re in danger of harming themselves.
  • Having adequate pet insurance in place is a good idea whatever the time of year. This insurance can help you meet vet bills if your animal becomes ill or gets injured.

Have a happy, safe bonfire night!

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