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What do you need specialist car insurance for?

What do you need specialist car insurance for?

Not everyone is a typical driver who drives a typical vehicle and it’s not so easy to find affordable car insurance if your cover requirements are less common.

You might be a learner driver, own a modified vehicle or want to drive multiple cars, for example, which is why ‘specialist’ car insurance might be for you.

Modified and high performance cars

Those who own modified or high-performance cars, which are generally faster than other cars and cost more to repair, are seen as a higher risk and many insurers won’t touch them.

So if you own such a vehicle, you should expect it to be more difficult to find cover and you may need to find a specialist policy.

New drivers

Insurance costs for new drivers are generally much higher than for most drivers as statistics show that around one-in-five will be involved in a crash within their first year of driving.

There are a number of ways new drivers can reduce premiums – such as taking a Pass Plus driving qualification and adding a more experienced ‘named driver’ to their cover. Some insurers still won’t cover the newly qualified, but on the whole fully comprehensive policies should be easy to find, even if they are a bit expensive!

Learner drivers

Those signed up with a recognised driving school should be covered by the school itself and not have to worry about getting cover. However, many also get experience driving a friend’s or parent’s car, in which case they need specialist insurance.

There are a number of cover providers who specifically tailor policies for learner drivers and it means you should be able to learn with anyone over 25 with a full UK licence, just don’t expect it to come cheap.

Black Box insurance

Black box cover means that an insurer can carefully monitor how you drive by having a ‘black box’ fitted. In return, insurers might charge you less than you would otherwise pay for cover.

This is especially useful for new and younger drivers, and/or if you live in an area which insurers assess as making you a ‘high risk’ through no fault of your own.

Imported cars

Some motorists buy a car abroad and get it imported because the car is built to a higher standard in the country of origin, or because it is a model not produced in their home country.

Once, again it can be hard to find cover for such drivers. However, generally speaking, it’s going to be cheaper to insure a car imported from an EU country than from others such as Japan or the United States.

Multi-car cover

Lots of drivers own more than one car, or are part of a family with several vehicles parked on the drive.

If this is the case, you probably want to think about getting what’s called a ‘multi-car’ insurance policy, which might offer discounts of around 10% to 15% rather than insuring cars separately.

Cover for driving abroad

If you’re considering taking your car overseas for business or holiday reasons – in all likelihood this means continental Europe – you will probably need additional specialist cover.

Finding such cover shouldn’t be a problem however, as most providers offer it and it won’t cost that much either.

Temporary cover

If you want to drive a friend or relatives car, perhaps if you don’t own a car yourself, and need it for a weekend, you need temporary cover.

Such policies provide cover for up to 28 days but can be pricey. Be warned that, generally, if you have points on your licence or have made recent claims on any existing cover you have, you’ll struggle to find a short-term policy.

Business reasons

If you drive your car for business reasons – you’re a part-time taxi driver, a mechanic, or travel a lot for work, for example – then you’ll almost certainly need specialist cover. Fortunately, there’s plenty out there for most business-related drivers.

Getting the best deal on specialist car cover

Determination and persistence with some types of specialist cover – such as for high- performance vehicles – is needed.

Perhaps even more so than with general car insurance, the key is to shop around and especially speak to brokers as they may have good relationships with some providers that can positively influence the outcome for you.

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Published 16th May 2019