Keyless car theft – what it is and how to prevent it

Keyless car theft – what it is and how to prevent it

Cars with keyless entry have been growing in popularity. What is a keyless entry car you ask? Well, it’s a car that uses a special key fob that senses when you’re near and automatically unlocks the door for you. You still get a physical key, but you don’t need to insert it in the door to unlock it.

Sounds great. But keyless car theft is on the rise. Typically thieves use electrical devices to pick up and replicate the signal from your car key. This then fools the car into thinking you and your key are nearby, allowing the car to be unlocked and driven away.

So if your car is fitted with keyless entry, consider these tips to avoid trouble.

Add some security

Get yourself a Faraday pouch to protect your keys. These block a key’s signal from reaching the outside world. Once you’ve locked your car, just pop the key in the bag and you’re sorted.
Alternatively get yourself a steering wheel lock. These are relatively low cost and can act as a visible deterrent, too.

Keep it locked

Make sure your car is locked when it’s parked or unattended. Simply check it by using the door handle. And when you’re at home, keep your car keys away from doors and windows. This will limit the signal being amplified from outside and make it harder for an opportunistic burglar to find them inside your home.

Check for updates

Manufacturers are constantly working to improve their keyless systems. Some keys have the ability to be switched off or go into sleep mode. So it’s worth checking if you have this feature and that it’s correctly enabled. This could be done through your vehicle information or by asking your local main dealer.