Green plates for electric vehicles

Green plates for electric vehicles

If you own an all-electric vehicle (EV), you can now display your eco-friendly driving credentials with pride, thanks to the Government’s new green number plates scheme.

But why have the new plates been introduced? Are they worth getting, and where can you buy them?

Why ‘green’ number plates?

To help reduce the impact of global warming and improve air quality in our towns and cities, from 2030 all new vehicles sold must have an electric or hydrogen engine rather than petrol or diesel.

To encourage the switch and raise awareness, the Department of Transport now offers all zero-emission and electric vehicles number plates with a distinctive green stripe.

Green plate benefits

Drivers with the new green number plates can now more easily take advantage of the incentives offered to those with non-polluting vehicles.

Displaying the plates allows you to access benefits for EVs such as discounted parking and free entry to zero-emission zones in towns and cities.

It will also make it easier for local councils to plan and implement greener driving initiatives as part of the push towards a zero-carbon economy. These could include free access to toll roads and the use of carpool lanes, even if there’s only one person in the car, as is the case in Canada and Norway.

The plates themselves are made of recycled materials that are much more environmentally friendly than existing plates.

Where to purchase?

You should be able to find a local garage that can supply and fit your car with the new plates, or you could use a national supplier, such as Halfords – as long as you own a registered zero-emissions vehicle. You’ll require your V5 logbook as proof of eligibility and vehicle ownership before you can proceed.

The cost may vary depending on where you purchase the plates, and be mindful of any scams. Halfords are currently charging £36 for a new pair of number plates.