Driving convictions and your car insurance

Motorists caught doing something wrong while driving not only face the possibility of points on their licences, they may also have to pay much greater premiums for their car insurance.car

Even if it’s the most minor of charges, it will still, in all likelihood, affect how much of a ‘risk’ you’re viewed as.

Insurers work out the cost of your cover based on a large number of factors. Those with the most weighting include age and driving experience, size and type of car, your claims record (i.e. how many claims you’ve made in the recent past) and, very importantly, your record of convictions.

Some convictions worse than others (unsurprisingly!)

If you’re caught over the limit, or are convicted of reckless driving, it’s going to have far more impact on the cost than if you’re merely given a couple of points for doing 33miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone.

How long points stay on your licence

The length of time points stay on your licence (and therefore how long it remains an issue for insurers) depends on the driving conviction.

Fortunately for those who’ve been convicted of a serious motoring of majority of insurers only ask about convictions going back 5 years.

You must tell your insurer

If you’re issued with a fine and are charged by the police for a driving offence it’s vital you’re honest and tell your insurer. If you don’t, and then subsequently have an accident for which you try and claim, the insurer will quite probably reject it.

Essentially, by not telling them you invalidate your cover completely, no matter how minor the charge. However, if you’re lucky, largely depending on the driving offence, an insurer may simply make an additional charge, and then meet the claim once you’ve paid the charge.

Most seriously of all, you’re actually breaking the law by not telling an insurer, and saying ‘I forgot’ won’t do. So you could end up with a criminal record, which could ruin your life, not just your cover!

Common offences and points

Here are some of the most common offences and how many points you might get if convicted of each:

Speeding on a public road – 3 to 6 points

Running a red light – 3 to 6 points

Driving uninsured – 6 to 8 points

Driving over the limit – 3 to 11 points

Driving without due care or attention – 3 to 9 points

Failing to stop after an accident, or report one – 5 to 10 points

Driving a defective vehicle (defective brakes, tyres, steering etc) – 3 points

Using a mobile phone – 3 points

Driving while disqualified – 3 to 11 points

Failure to provide correct information – 6 points

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