Do you know your road rules?

According to a recent study by insurance provider Admiral, 1-in-10 motorists has a speeding conviction on their driving licence. The research, which looks at statistics from the last 5 years, also suggests that where you live could affect the likelihood of you having a speeding conviction.

Apparently, drivers living in parts of Hertfordshire and Dorset are the most likely to make a claim. Radlett in Hertfordshire took the top spot – with around 26% of drivers in that area having had a speeding conviction. Drivers in St Ives, Cornwall appear to be the most sensible with speed, with just 6% of motorists in the region having a conviction.

In addition, Admiral’s Annual Survey of Motorists found that a whopping 87% of motorists admit to breaking the speed limit. Worryingly, a further 69% believe the speed limit on a motorway to be 80mph or more.

So, is this part of a wider problem? Do the majority of motorists not know, or refuse to stick to the rules of the road?

This could certainly be the case according to other research conducted by car company Kia. Their recent study has revealed that a high percentage of UK motorists are unable to recognise basic road signs. Their figures show that 83% of motorists consider themselves to be ‘good drivers’, yet only 52% feel confident that they could understand all the signs on UK roads.

Fewer than 3 in 5 could identify the sign for ‘no motor vehicles’, while around 26% thought the yellow diversion sign showed directions to a campsite!

Stephen Kitson, Communications Director at Kia commented,

‘The research findings clearly show that a driver’s experience behind the wheel doesn’t necessarily correlate with their knowledge of the road. No matter how many years you’ve been driving, it is always a good idea, as a responsible road user, to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code…’

Aside from avoiding an accident, familiarising yourself with the rules of the road could help you avoid making a car insurance claim. Claims and convictions on your licence could make it harder to find cheaper cover, and you may see your premiums go up.

With that in mind, here are a few current Highway Code questions to help test your knowledge…

A)     When following another vehicle in dry conditions with good visibility, what’s the minimum time gap you should leave between you and the vehicle in front?

B)      What should this be in wet conditions?

C)      What is the national speed limit for a car on a single carriageway?

D)     What is the speed limit for a car on a motorway when towing a caravan

E)      What is the speed limit for a car in a built-up area?

F)     What is the typical stopping distance for a car at 40mph (in good conditions)?


A) 2 seconds B) at least doubled – 4secs C) 60Mph D) 60 mph E) 30mph F) 36 metres/9 car lengths


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