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Collision checklist and how to claim

Collision checklist and how to claim

With the lockdown being lifted in the UK following the coronavirus, you’ve probably noticed many roads are once again packed with traffic.

Sadly, this has also led to a big increase in the number of accidents – which inevitably means more drivers needing to claim on their insurance.

Crashes rise over 70% in a month

According to a report in the car industry magazine,, there were a whopping 72% more crashes in May compared to April, as the country came out of lockdown!

What to do after a crash

It can be difficult to compose yourself just after a crash, but it’s an important time if you later need to claim on your car cover.

So, to help you make the right decisions here’s a handy collision checklist that’s useful to follow if you do have an accident.

Immediately after an accident:

  1. Stay where you are, but only if it’s safe to do so – leaving the scene of a crash is an offence if you’re not at risk.
  2. Switch off the engine and, if the hazard lights are still working, turn them on.
  3. Call the police if there’s a danger to other vehicles, and to report the incident within 24 hours.
  4. Call the emergency services if anyone has been injured.
  5. If you can, collect the details of vehicles and people involved, as well as any witnesses. It’s especially important to note vehicle licence plate numbers.
  6. Ask to exchange insurance details with the other driver, or drivers.
  7. If anyone leaves the scene without giving their details, call the police as it’s an offence to do so.
  8. Take plenty of photos – pictures of your vehicle and others involved, and close-ups of any damage can really help with a claim. Photos of registration plates are possibly the most useful images of all, especially for identifying uncooperative drivers.
  9. If you don’t have access to a camera, try and make a sketch of the scene, showing the position of the vehicles involved.
  10. Note down extra information – such as any roadworks, traffic signs, lights, and any difficult weather conditions.

Following up with a claim – we’re here to help:

At moments such as these, we’re here to help. Try and contact us as soon as you can after an accident – our experts are on hand to assist you.

The information gathered at the scene of the crash will help us to process your claim as quickly as possible. Ideally, you might have the following to hand when you get in touch:

  • The registration numbers of the vehicles involved
  • Photographic evidence of the crash scene, or a sketch
  • The name and contact details of the other driver, and, if possible, their insurer too
  • The location of the accident and time of day
  • A description of the damage to your vehicle
  • Details of any unusual circumstances that might have had an influence, such as bad weather conditions or roadworks

Ultimately, we know the days after a crash can be difficult, so don’t worry if you don’t have everything – we can assist you with any extra information needed when we speak to you.

The most important thing is that the claims process has started and we’re now able to help guide you through it.