Best cars for 2015

The new year is always an exciting time for those hoping to buy a brand new set of wheels, as well as car buffs simply interested in seeing what cars are going to be released in the coming year. four-wheeled-arachnid-2013-mclaren-mp4-12c-spider_2

In 2015, there’s a whole host of motoring treats coming up; from dashing budget sports cars to family SUVs and fun-but-pricey convertibles.

And if you are in the market for a car which is a joy to drive on the open road, which should you go for?

Which car to go for

Fortunately, the experts in the Sunday Times ‘Driving’ section recently came up with their favourites for the year ahead, with plenty to suit many different budgets, tastes and requirements.

Not all are yet available, but will become so as the year progresses.

In the list below, the month in which the car is due to be released is given after the expected price.

Here are five of the Sunday Times favourites, in no particular order:

1. Volvo XC90

Type – Family SUV
Cost – £45,785
When available – April
About the car – Volvo says it’s the safest and most luxurious car the company has yet made. Petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions should be available, including a supercharged and turbocharged model.

2. Audi Q7

Type – Family SUV
Cost – £50,000
When available – May
About the car – At 325kgs lighter than its predecessor, the Audi Q7 is slightly smaller than previously on the outside, but actually roomier on the inside and can still comfortably carry 7 people.

3. Jaguar XE

Type – Sports saloon
Cost – £26,995
When available – May
About the car – Said to be a serious rival to BMW’s 3-series, the Jaguar XE is stylish and sporty, but also has plenty of practical elements to make it a serious rival for the much-loved BMW. Expect diesel and petrol options, as well as a supercharged V6 version.

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Type – Family SUV
Cost – £32,395
When available – January
About the car – A baby Land Rover, the Discovery Sport can still hold 7 people in 3 rows with a flexible seating interior. Described as a great-looking car that’s set to certainly meet Land Rover fans expectations, it’s also got Land Rovers’ famous four-wheel driver Terrain Response system, for all the farmers out there!

5. Mazda MX-5

Type – Budget sports car
Cost – £20,000
When available – September
About the car – According the Mazda, the new MX-5 will be lighter and even better to drive than its famous, massive-selling predecessor. With ‘near perfect’ 50:50, front-to-rear weight distribution the handling should be extremely agile. The car looks great, if a little masculine for some with more feminine tastes perhaps.

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