The Best Money Saving Tools and Spreadsheets

money saving tips

We decided to take a look at the money saving spreadsheets and tools that have been made to help you to save money, budget or cut costs in your daily life.

There’s something for everyone here; whether you want to try and pay off your mortgage early, plan a wedding or stop throwing out mouldy bags of uneaten salad each week.

The Best Money Saving Tools and Spreadsheets

Mortgage spreadsheet

Originally posted on good old Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website, this tool has received glowing reports. It gives users the opportunity to compare various mortgages and see what effect switching lenders or mortgage types would have on their monthly outgoings and how offsetting could help them pay off the mortgage quicker.

Gardening Spreadsheet

How much could you save by growing your own vegetables from scratch? Is it worth it? Keep tabs on your harvest and the money you’ve saved with this handy little spreadsheet from Real Men Sow. Simply enter the crops you’re growing and what they cost at the supermarket, weigh your harvest and the spreadsheet will work out how much you’ve saved. Double the smugness – tell your friends how much money your home grown food has saved you!

Paypal Account Manager

Great for people who use ebay a lot or get paid through paypal, for freelance work perhaps. It could be that you make a lot of purchases through paypal. However you use the service, this spreadsheet will help you manage your account’s incoming and outgoing money.

Frills Spreadsheet

This was designed by a Money Savings Expert forum user for the extras that aren’t always included in the usual budget spreadsheets. We all have those frivolous outgoings that we probably don’t realise the true cost of each year. This is a great way of tracking where you’re spending excess money that you could really cut back on.

Wedding budget planner

Even at a time when everyone is tightening their belts, there are still those occasions that require spending money on, in addition to the essential household bills. A wedding is probably the biggest and most important party you’ll ever throw, so in order to get it within budget, use this tool to keep tabs on finances. Save on the things you can save on, in order to splurge on the little luxuries you simply must have. Even the most hot-headed bridezilla will appreciate that logic!

Financial life on one page

Inaccurately called ‘FLOP’ for short, this is a winning worksheet! It allows you to ensure that loved ones can take over the care of finances if you become incapacitated, or if the worst happens. Keep all the data current and the worksheets will immediately tell you and the family where you are at money-wise. It also keeps handy all those important logins, insurance documents, wills, accounts and savings. This ‘financial roadmap’ makes life easier for everyone.

Food tracker spreadsheet

Food Storage Made Easy is an American site, but is great for those of us who hate throwing food away. The average family with children throws away 6 weeks’ worth of food a year (£680 a year). By keeping a tally of exactly what you have and what you’re going to use it for you can cut down or eliminate food wastage. This is especially useful for perishable goods like vegetables, which top the list of binned food.

Save for a round the world trip spreadsheet

Make the seemingly impossible really happen and save up for a big trip whilst on a budget! This could be something as adventurous as a Round the World Trip or simply a weekend away. Whatever type of holiday you need to save for, this spreadsheet lets you see how long you have, what you’ve saved so far and how far you have to go.

Hopefully there was something of use to your personal situation in the above examples. If not, what would you create a spreadsheet for? Have you done one already? If so, then feel free to share in the comments.

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