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Save money and go green!

Save money and go green!

We all want a home that is warm and cozy, but with energy rates rising across the board, this is increasingly difficult to achieve.

New homes are built to improved energy standard, with insulated walls, ceilings, floors and energy efficient windows to keep warmth in, but that doesn’t help those in older properties. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to move to stay warm this autumn!

By taking a few simple measures, you could save money on energy bills as well as helping the environment.

  • Effectively insulating cavity walls, lofts, tanks and pipes can help reduce CO2 emissions as well as cutting down your energy bills. You can often get grants to help pay for this through your local council.
  • Adding basic draught proofing around your home can also make a big improvement. Self-adhesive foam strips can be easily and cheaply fitted around windows.
  • Installing double glazing could save around £140 per year in heating costs and about 720 kilograms of CO2.
  • If buying a new appliance, choose an energy efficient model.
  • 80% of energy used in the home is for heating. Try turning down your thermostat a few notches – even if it’s just by one degree.
  • Consider switching to a high efficiency condensing boiler – they capture much more usable heat from their fuel. Replacing an old boiler with an efficient new one could reduce your energy consumption by around a third.
  • Switch lights off when leaving a room and switch to energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Don’t leave appliances on stand-by, turn them off completely at the plug.
  • Try to wash at 30 degrees and only use the washing machine for full loads.
  • Only boil the amount of water you actually need when using the kettle.

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Published 22 August 2017