Windscreen cover explained

Windscreen cover explained

Windscreen damage is one of the most common problems drivers face.

It’s easy to see why. Even a small stone chip falling off a lorry when driving at speed, or being kicked up by the car in front, can smack a window and cause it to chip, crack or even shatter.

But don’t assume that your car insurance will cover a replacement. As it’s such a common thing to happen, some car insurance policies won’t cover it as standard.

And this will most certainly be the case if you’ve opted for third-party cover only, as it insures damage you might cause to other vehicles, not your own.

What does windscreen insurance cover me for?

‘Windscreen’ cover includes all windows and not just the one most people refer to as ‘the windscreen’ (i.e. the big one at the front!), often including sun-roofs.

It means you can recoup the cost of having to replace the glass, or simply repair what’s damaged and return it to its original state.

Whether a full replacement is needed or a repair to a chip or crack will suffice depends on how much damage there is.

Do I pay the excess?

With most fully comprehensive cover, you would have to pay the excess on any repairs to windows, which is why many drivers don’t bother claiming for it in the first place.

The excess on a car cover policy is usually fixed at anything from £100 to £150, but there is often a separate, lower, excess for windscreen repair, so remember to check with your insurer how much it will cost you.

Getting repair work done

Always contact your insurer as soon as you notice any damage to avoid problems with a claim. And it’s vital you use an approved repair provider or you might have trouble getting your money back for the cost of the repair work.

Call or email your insurer’s claims hotline and they should be able to tell you which you can use in your area.



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Published 21st March 2019