What’s an insurtech?

What’s an insurtech?

You’re probably not a stranger to the term fintech, but have you heard of fintech’s cousin, insurtech? Worry not! As a proud insurtech ourselves, allow us to introduce you and show you how we’re using tech to make insurance better for people like you.

So what does insurtech mean?

In a nutshell, an insurtech is an insurance company that’s led by and uses new technologies to the benefit of its customers.

At Policy Expert, we use our unique tech platform to make insurance more accessible, fairer and simpler. We’re particularly proud that, even though we’ve always used tech, we’re older than the term ‘insurtech’. That’s because we’ve always lived by the principle that great ideas start with the customer.

Is it a good thing to be insured by an insurtech?

Well we think so! Armed with big ideas and brilliant tech, we work hard to find new ways to improve insurance for you. There are lots of big, old insurers in the UK – but we’re rated the UK’s number one home insurance provider – so that says plenty!

One way we use our tech is to help us identify and insure low-risk customers. This means we’re able to keep our prices down. In fact, 92% of our customers saved £81 when they switched to us. Why not see how much you could save on your home and car insurance by getting a quote now?