What Is Covered By Contents Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to be a homeowner, the chances are you’ll want insurance which covers both the building itself and also your possessions.Living room contents of a home

However, if you don’t actually own where you live and rent, you don’t need the buildings element; it’s up to your landlord to pay for this (if they choose to do so!) while you only have to worry about the things you own.

Contents insurance is there to cover you financially for the theft or loss of your possessions.

It can also provide peace of mind if you’re worried about accidental damage or public liability (i.e. if someone hurts themselves in your home). However, these are often extras which need to be added on to a standard policy.

Additionally, it can cover you when you’re away from home in the UK and Europe. Again, this is often non-standard and costs an additional sum.

Why do you need it

If you’re unsure that you need contents cover, think again.

Even though the UK’s burglary rate, along with other types of crime, has been dropping in recent years, it’s still the fourth highest in the European Union and a burglary occurs every 40 seconds somewhere in the country.

And many people now have a whole host of expensive gadgets, furniture and other items around the house which if stolen, lost or damaged would be very costly to replace.

From expensive sofas, collectible guitars and pieces of jewellery to smartphones, laptops and digital cameras; many homes are stuffed with personal possessions worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Don’t forget other perils

Other possible problems you will be protected against include:

  • Storms and flooding – More and more parts of the country are prone to flooding and storm damage as climate change takes effect. If your property is flooded, the damage to personal possessions can be extensive.
  • Fire – Not as likely as it once was due to the much improved safety of boilers, electrical items and fewer people smoking, but still a possibility.
  • Third party injury – The UK has become a much more litigious society. If you have a party in your home, and someone hurts themselves and says it’s your fault, there’s a chance they might try and sue you for a lot of money. Public liability insurance can be included as part of your contents cover.
  • Theft, loss or damage away from home – Many policies can include cover for loss or damage to items when you’re out and about or on holiday abroad.
  • Lightning – Highly unlikely to come through a window, of course, but it can strike buildings and cause fire to start.

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