Tips for Getting a Full Pay-Out on your Home Insurance Claim

With insurers battling an increase in fraud, many have strict claim procedures in place to help mitigate fraudulent activity. It’s important to understand any terms and conditions that apply to your policy and to familiarise yourself with the correct course of action to take should you ever need to make a hoome insurance claim.
home insurance claim

Here are some simple steps to help avoid a rejected  claim:

  • Read all your policy documents carefully. Go through all the details and any small print so you completely understand what you’re covered for. If you don’t understand something, query it sooner rather than later. These documents are an agreement between you and your insurer about what events and circumstances are covered by your policy, as well as which situations fall outside of your cover. Insurers will stick rigidly to this document and every minor detail is important.
  • When you first applied, you’ll have confirmed certain details about yourself and your insurance needs. If your personal circumstances change at all, it’s very important that you inform your insurer. For example, if you claimed that you had a working burglar alarm at the property but you actually got rid of this alarm shortly after the application – you may find a claim is rejected. Fully understand what you’ve told your insurer about security features and your personal circumstances etc. and remember to update them when necessary.
  • Keep receipts of valuable items as proof of ownership. Also, take photographs of valuable items too. For example, if it’s jewellery – it could be good to have a picture with you also in the photo with the item.
  • Keep all policy reference numbers and phone numbers in a safe place so that you can start the claims process as quickly as possible should you need to.
  • Try to keep an electronic copy of your policy schedule and all documentation alongside any hard copies you have at the insured address.
  • Your insurer may send a loss adjuster to assess your claim. It could be worth hiring your own professional to assess any damage you have suffered. Having a professional’s opinion may help to strengthen a case for full claim reimbursement. However, do not start any repair work without first speaking to your insurer.

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