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Tailoring your home insurance policy

Tailoring your home insurance policy

Snapping up the cheapest home insurance policy just because it costs the least can leave you with cover that doesn’t meet all your needs. It’s a mistake many home owners and renters make, and can lead to problems later if a claim needs to be made.

While most policies generally cover the basics, there are lots of differences when it comes to policy detail and ‘extras.’

Here are a number of common additions that you might wish to consider before you take out cover. They don’t usually come as standard, but shouldn’t add much to the cost:

Personal possessions cover

If you want valuables such as laptops, cameras or mobile phones financially protecting when you take them away from your home, you need to include personal possessions cover.

It’s an extra which nearly all insurers can provide, but only usually comes as standard with more expensive policies.

Pedal cycle cover

Many people now commute to work by bicycle, or are weekend enthusiasts, and spend thousands on their dream two-wheeled machines.

Most home insurance policies specifically exclude bicycles as they’re so commonly stolen or easily damaged, so you need to specify that you require cover for bicycles.

Additional cover for valuable items

Most policies have a claim limit for any one item, usually in the region of £1,000 to £1,500, but many people own things which easily exceed this; jewellery, for example, or hi-end laptops.

If you want to ensure your expensive gear is covered, you need to specify to your insurer what these are. If it’s only one or two things, and they don’t exceed the policy limits by much, you might not have to pay more. But if they do, it should only cost a few pounds extra to increase the level of cover.

Accidental damage cover

Thousands of policy holders are caught out by assuming accidental damage is included in their home insurance, when it usually isn’t.

Cover for accidental damage, such as DIY disasters or spilling red wine on a new £1,000 carpet, doesn’t come as standard with most policies. Again, it shouldn’t cost much to add on.

Legal and identity theft protection

Identity theft has become a major problem, with criminals using the amount of information thousands provide about themselves both online and offline against them.

If you’re worried about becoming a victim you should consider adding legal and identity theft protection to your home cover policy.

Additionally, it provides free legal advice and assistance, and the payment of certain costs, in disputes involving such areas as employment and property.

Home emergency

Cover for such incidents as your boiler breaking down in the middle of winter, or locking yourself out of your house, is often available at extra cost from many insurers.

Student cover

If you want to make sure family members’ possessions are financially protected when they’re away studying, you’ll need student cover adding to a policy. Don’t assume that if you already have ‘away from home’ cover it’s enough, as students offer extra ‘risk’ to insurers and it probably won’t be.


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Published 28 February 2018