Taking control of your finances with fixed-price Home Insurance

A price war has broken out among home insurance providers offering fixed-price deals, and consumers are set to benefit.piggy bank money saving

Fixing the cost of your cover for a set period can provide peace of mind if you don’t want a potentially nasty shock at renewal time. Recent research from Halifax showed that over two-thirds of consumers have received insurance bills in the last year that had increased without their knowledge.

Fixing your premiums benefits you in a number of ways:

  • Lock in to a great deal – Fixing can be good if you’ve found a great deal and want to ensure you get the same price next year, taking away the worry that the insurer will withdraw whatever offer you found, or put your premiums up by the level of inflation, or an even greater amount.
  • Household budgeting – When you’re looking at your household budget, fixing means that you know at least one element won’t be changing when you’re making plans for your spending in the near-future.
  • Quality assured – With an expert broker you can be certain that the providers we use and strike fixed-rate deals with offer some of the best prices and customer service in the market.
  • You’re in control – Don’t worry, you’re not tied in for the fixed period. At renewal time you can still compare your deal with others on the market, if you like, and switch without penalty (as long as you give enough notice that you want to end the policy).
  • Complete flexibility – If you need to consider changing the optional cover in your policy at any time during the fixed period, you can do so. So if you’re moving home, or having building work carried out to improve it, your cover can be assessed and, if necessary, you can get a new quote to reflect the changes you’ve made, and your premium can be re-fixed for the remainder of the fixed period.
  • No obligation – Once the fixed deal period comes to an end, you’re under no obligation to have to take another fixed deal out. You can simply pick up the phone, check online, or email your broker and they will (hopefully!) find you another fixed deal for the same period or longer, or cover for the standard 12 month period if you’ve decided that’s what you prefer.


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