Top Reasons for Rejecting Home Insurance Claims

With the extensive storm and flood damage we’ve seen this winter, home insurance hasn’t been out of the news. For the vast majority of people who claim on their policies, they will receive a full pay out. However, a recent investigation by a prominent consumer websites has flagged up the top reasons why many claims are rejected by insurers.NEWS

Wear and Tear

Hidden away in the terms and conditions will be a clause saying that you guarantee to keep your house in a good state of repair. If you have ignored tiles falling off the roof or a chimney which is damaged and then you later try to claim for damage to a roof, your claim may well be rejected. There is no legal definition of what level of maintenance is needed, but it is accepted to mean that you repair faults when you notice them, and don’t allow little problems to grow into big problems.


It’s difficult to work out exactly how much it would cost to rebuild a house, or to replace absolutely everything inside if your home burns down. It can be tempting to reduce the amount of cover you buy to try to reduce premiums, but is it worth the risk of being perhaps tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket when you need to make a claim? Most of us would agree that it’s more sensible to accurately estimate the costs.


You have to tell the truth when you take out a policy. Not many people are deliberately deceptive when it comes to taking out cover, but did you really check that your alarm is serviced annually and that your locks conform to the standard when you ticked the box on the form?

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