Surprising Statistics on Student Insurance Claims

There are an estimated 1.5 million landlords in the UK, the majority of whom have just one or two rental properties.

Difficulties in the property market over recent years have prompted more homeowners to let their properties rather than sell them when moving, and recently released statistics about what sort of tenants are most likely to cause a landlord to claim on insurance reveal some startling facts.



Most surprising of all is the revelation that only 9.6% of landlord claims come from student properties. Students are stereotypically messy and do not take care of their houses, so it is surprising that they make careful and cooperative tenants. Renting to students does often mean though that the property stands empty for the summer months, giving the landlord time to make repairs and maintain the property.

Student Burglary

Although they may look after their properties, students are one of the highest risk groups when it comes to burglaries. Thieves know that student houses are packed with laptops, mobile phones and other expensive electronic gadgets, and are often unattended during the day while students attend lectures. Also, many students try to save some money by not taking out proper contents insurance.

Check Your Cover

If you have a student in the family, it’s important to make sure that they are properly covered before heading off to Uni or college this autumn. Cover for the building’s structure is the landlord’s responsibility, but you can help your student offspring be properly covered for their personal possessions while away from home. Some items might be covered on a parent’s contents insurance, but never assume and check the cover details carefully. Always get a few quotes to compare prices from different insurers, and shop around each time your renewal comes round.

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