New Repair and Renew Grant for Flood Hit Areas

On April 1, the government’s new Renew and Repair grant scheme started. The grants, which are administered through local Councils, give homeowners up to £5,000 to take flood protection measures whether to minimise the financial consequences of being flooded again in the future.NEWS

Above and Beyond Cover

Home buildings and contents insurance is designed to repair the damage caused by flooding and compensate homeowners for loss and damaged to goods, as well as paying for alternative accommodation and for their homes to be repaired. These new grants go above and beyond such provision, as it is designed to pay for flood prevention measures to reduce the risk of being flooded, or minimise damage if the house does get flooded.

What’s Covered?

There is a whole range of things which are covered by the new grants, such as replacing doors and windows with ones which are more flood resistant, moving electricity cables and sockets to a higher position on the walls or fitting a special flood barrier to a driveway to stop water reaching the house in the first place. The grant is only available to houses which have been flooded between 1st December 2013 and 31 March 2014.

Local Councils

The Repair and Renew Grant will be administered by Local Councils. Any homeowner who thinks they may be eligible has to first contact the Council and ask for a survey and assessment, and the Council will recommend which flood prevention measures are appropriate. The Council will then pay up to £5,000 towards the work, and will be reimbursed by Central Government. Homeowners are free to spend more than the £5,000 allowed under the grant on flood prevention, but will have to cover any additional sums themselves.

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