Not Shopping Around for Home Insurance Could Be Costing Over £300 a Year

We’re all aware that we should be shopping around when it comes to home cover quotes but a recent survey by a consumer website found that people who just let their policies roll over year after year could be spending up to £339 more than they have to.NEWS

A staggering 78% of customers admitted to just accepting the renewal price quoted for their policy rather than taking time to shop around and compare different policies to try to get a better deal.

Busy Lives Costing Money

The main reason people give when they are asked why they are not taking advantage of the price comparison websites to get a better quote is that they’re too busy and it takes too much time.

However, with smartphone technology and wireless hotspots all over the country, you can compare prices while you’re on the train, waiting for a bus or even cooking the dinner.

Take Control of Your Finances

If the incentive to save over £300 per year by investing an hour or so in comparing the policies from various insurers is not enough to entice you to take control, think also about the people caught up in the flooding this winter. It is now more important than ever to understand exactly what you are covered for, and to consider optional extras such as additional flood protection or emergency cover.

So when your annual renewal letter drops on the mat, don’t automatically assume that it is the best price which is on offer. Take some time to look at the different policies and prices on the market, and then ask your existing insurer if they will match it – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Policy Expert

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