Home Insurance and Sinkholes

We’ve all seen the dramatic footage of sinkholes appearing out of nowhere after a period of heavy rain.

Sinkholes are commonplace in other parts of the world but relatively unusual here in the UK, and if a sinkhole opens up near your property, the situation with your home insurance may not be as simple as you might think.

Structural Concerns with SinkholesTalking about the NEWS

Whether or not you are insured to repair the sinkhole may depend very much on where it is on your property. A sinkhole which appears close to your home, or under part of your home could seriously affect the structure of the building and most policies will cover the costs of filling in the sinkhole and keeping your home safe, and probably putting you and your family up in a hotel while the work is done.

However, if one appears in the garden, on the driveway or somewhere else well away from the house where it is not affecting the foundations, fixing it will probably not be covered. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer house, swimming pool or hot tub in the garden which is affected by a sinkhole, those wouldn’t be covered either.

Getting Covered

Although sinkholes seem to have become much more common over this past winter, they are still a very unusual thing to occur.

Some areas of the country are more likely to suffer from sinkholes than others because of their geology, so if you live in the Mendips, Pennines, Dorset or Hampshire, it is worth checking out you are covered by insurance. The other main factor in sinkholes developing is old mine shafts and workings underneath a property, so when buying a house it is very important to ask your solicitor to investigate previous mining activity thoroughly, as old mining can cause subsidence as well as sinkholes.

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