Good News For Public With Fall in Burglary Figures

Recently released burglary figures from across the UK show that burglaries across the country are still falling. Burglary is the crime which many homeowners fear the most, but these statistics show that fewer of us than ever are coming home to find our home has been ransacked.NEWS

In some parts of the country, such as the area around Slough in Berkshire, burglary figures are the lowest that they have been in 15 years. Burglaries are also down 10% in Essex and down 20% in the Thames Valley Police area. There are many reasons for these decreasing figures and police have taken the opportunity to warn homeowners against complacency.

Good Insurance Cover

Although burglaries are decreasing, this does not mean that homeowners can get away without a good contents insurance policy. The risk may be lower, but homeowners still have to be properly covered if the worst should happen. You can shop around for your home contents policy by comparing quotes from several different companies, but shouldn’t forget to renew it, or consider doing without.

Home Security

Police figures also report that although burglaries are falling, there are more burglaries where people lose a small number of high value items like car keys, laptops, smartphones and tablets. These are easy to move and easy for the thief to sell on. Consider marking your valuables with smart water or special ultraviolet pens which will help the police track down the owner if they are found.

Other security measures such as a burglar alarm which is services regularly, special window locks and upgrading your locks on the front door can also boost your security and decrease your home insurance premium quote.

Should Premiums to Come Down as Burglary Figures Fall?

Fewer burglaries should mean fewer people having to make insurance claims, and in the long run this should mean that policies get cheaper for everyone.

Policy Expert

If your home is your haven, you’ll want it to have the best protection. Compare quotes from our range of handpicked insurers and tailor a policy to suit you. For more information speak to one of our experts on 0203 014 9300 or email


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