Severe Flooding to Double Across Europe

According to a leading Dutch climate change academic, the severe flooding seen across England and Wales this winter could be a taste of things to come. Brenden Jongman, researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies in Amsterdam, is leading the call for a pan-European insurance fund and strategy to tackle the costs of flood insurance claims.NEWS

Flooding is Not Just a British Problem

Understandably, most of the news coverage here in the UK has been focused on the flooding at home, damage to properties and the claims process for policyholders. Other parts of Europe have been equally hard hit, with extensive flooding in Italy, France and Germany. The overall cost to the European economy of flooding is currently 5 billion euros, and this is projected to rise to 23.5 billion euros by 2050. Dr Jongman is calling for the EU to start a European Solidarity Fund which all member states can pay into, and which would provide a fund to help businesses and individuals in flood hit areas.

UK government response

On 20th February, the UK government announced a range of different measures to help homeowners and businesses in the areas affected by flooding. People living in affected properties can claim a rebate on their Council Tax, and there will be additional support for farmers. Government ministers are meeting regularly with senior managers within the insurance industry to make sure claims for flood damage are assessed and settled as quickly as possible to enable homeowners to get back to normal.

Flood insurance

Living in an area which floods regularly makes it difficult to get home insurance for buildings and contents, but the insurance industry is working hard to make these policies more affordable. This winter’s flooding has just gone to show how important good insurance cover is.

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