Warning over fishing burglaries

Gone are the days where a car thief would simply smash the window of your car, do something sneaky with the wires under the dashboard and drive it away. Nowadays, 85% of cars which are stolen are driven away by a thief who has the keys, and the most common way of getting these keys is by burglary.NEWS

Where do you keep your keys?

Many of us keep car keys on a hook by the door, or on a shelf or ledge in the hall. Police are warning that increasingly burglars are going out equipped with long poles or fishing rods which have strong magnets on the end with the aim of literally “fishing” for your car keys.

This means burglars can drive your car away without triggering any burglar alarm it may have, or without ever setting foot in your property. They can also use this method to hook your house keys if you’ve left them by the door.

What you can do about ‘fishing burglaries’?

There are a couple of things which any homeowner can do if they are worried about the possibility of this sort of theft.

Many home insurance policies will demand you take adequate steps to secure your property, so never leave keys where they can be grabbed by the casual thief.

If you are in the bad habit of leaving keys or other valuables such as a mobile phone or wallet by the front door, find another storage place well away from any doors or windows. Invest in simple security measures such as a basket which clips across the letterbox to catch your mail, or even simple brushes which make it harder for anyone to pull your keys through.

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