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Drying up escape of water woes

Drying up escape of water woes

Be it a burst pipe, a leaky heating system or simply leaving the tap on, water damage affects thousands of residential homeowners every year.

En-suite bathrooms, shower rooms, downstairs cloakrooms and dishwashers are all common features of UK homes. Recent figures from the Association of British Insurers show water damage now accounts for a quarter of all domestic insurance claims, higher than damage from extreme weather events.

Homeowner spend on flooring, electrics, fittings and decorative features has also increased in recent years, means the impact of an escape of water can be significant, not only emotionally but also financially.

Keeping the impact to a minimum

Many insurance companies can be slow to react and contract out remedial work to third parties. There are two main issues with this: response times are often slower and in many cases these companies don’t use the most advanced technology. The use of underpowered drying equipment is commonplace, prolonging the drying process, often making the damage worse and ultimately increasing how long you are forced to spend out of your home.

Working closely with our claims team, we’ve invested in a fleet of vans, equipped with the latest technology to get help as quickly as possible. Unlike other providers, who send an assessor to you, then follow up by appointing a subcontractor, we aim to start drying your home on our first visit.

Our First Response Units use specialist market-leading equipment, not used as standard in the UK, to quickly dry out homes. This reduces the risk of major building work, such as re-plastering or reflooring, having to be undertaken and is something that other insurers simply can’t claim to do.

Our speedy response times coupled with the best tech available means that if you do have to move out of your home, it’s likely to be for a shorter period of time than if you’re with another insurer.

We help minimise disruption

These First Response Units are already being put into practice. Just a few months ago we helped a Policy Expert customer whose whole street had been flooded. After six weeks they were able to return to home whereas it took months for other homeowners in the same street to move back into their properties.

And, in cases where water damage isn’t so extensive, we’ll even be able put things right without the need for you to go into temporary accommodation.

Policy Expert

If your home is your haven, you’ll want it to have the best protection. Compare home insurance quotes from our range of carefully selected insurers and tailor a policy to suit you. For more information, you can call our experts on 0330 0600 600 or visit for more ways to reach us.

Published 26 March 2019