Are You Confused by Insurance Jargon?

A recent study by a consumer group set up to look into fairness in financial products has highlighted a growing concern about the amount of jargon used in terms and conditions issued by insurance companies and other financial institutions. In the worst example, the terms and conditions attached to one policy ran to the length of a novel.NEWS

The obvious concern is that with such lengthy terms and conditions attached to policies, customers are not reading them and are not therefore aware what they are covered with and what is excluded.

Legal Worries

It is believed that recent scandals about mis-selling have made the insurance industry, banks and building societies much more cautious about what they are saying in their policies, and the legal departments have currently got the upper hand when it comes to writing insurance policies. This may cover the company against any future action, but isn’t exactly customer-friendly.

What Can I Do About Jargon?

Not all home insurance policies have such lengthy terms and conditions. Many companies subscribe to the “plain English” campaign and have rewritten all of their documents to be without jargon, and to make them easy to read.

It can be very tempting to ignore the terms and conditions completely and just tick the box to say you have read them, but this isn’t the best course of action either. Either read through as best you can to get the jist of the main points in the document, or call the company selling the policy and ask them to run through the most important points on the phone. The most important thing to remember is not to be put off by the jargon and not bother with taking out any insurance cover because of it.

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