Children in Need 2017

Children in Need 2017

On Friday 17th November, Policy Expert is showing our support for Children in Need.

Every penny raised for Children in Need goes to help disadvantaged children and young people here in the UK, through grants that are administered by Children in Need.

Policy Expert will be matching all the funds raised by the team, so dig deep everyone!

A moving poem for a wonderful cause

Our very own Jim Locke wrote this poem which so beautifully sums up exactly why we’re raising money for this brilliant cause…

C old and hungry we may sometimes feel, but they live with everyday

H ope is someone we may call upon, but they have never met

I nnocence is lost within suffering, and unanswered cries

L ife is not a wonderful journey, but a day to day survival

D anger comes in many forms, even disguised as love

R eality for them lives alone with no dreams for a partner

E mptiness is in every corner, a cold cruel blanket with no warmth

N eglect is not only tolerated, but expected

I t doesn’t matter why it has been

N ow is the time to do something

N othing is too small to do, to give, or to say

E ven a moment a child is not suffering is priceless

E very child deserves a  chance to be a child

D o what you can…do what they can’t..

Policy Expert – supporting BBC Children in Need

Thank you to everyone to all the team for donating, and if anyone else would like to donate to this wonderful cause, just go to BBC – Children in Need

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