20% of UK homes have no contents insurance

A recently published survey has shown that 20% of UK homes have no contents insurance cover at all, leaving them open to considerable financial difficulty in the event of damage to the things in their homes due to fire, theft or flooding. Recent flooding across the UK has brought the whole topic of insurance to the fore, but it remains to be seen whether this increases the number of policies which will be taken out over the coming months.


Regional and Age differences

The survey also showed that there are considerable differences across the UK when it comes to insurance and age. London is the area of the country where the fewest people have a policy, with only 32% of people living inside the M25 being covered. At the other end of the scale, 83% of Scots and 82% of those in Yorkshire and Humberside are covered. As we get older we pay more attention to our home contents insurance, with 90% of homeowners over the age of 55 having good cover levels.

What’s Covered

Although on average 80% of us do have the right insurance, the survey also showed that 90% of those who are covered are not clear on what is included and excluded from a policy. Policies can vary considerably in what they offer, so when getting quotes it’s really important to ensure you are comparing like with like and getting the right level of cover for your individual circumstances. At the time of taking out insurance it may seem expensive, but it’s small change compared with the costs of replacing everything in your home.

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