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Your summer checklist – top home maintenance tips

Your summer checklist – top home maintenance tips


During a lovely warm summer, it’s easy to put off those jobs that need doing, in favour of more fun and relaxing activities!  But the brighter months and better weather are great for doing jobs which could save you from costly, unexpected bills in the long run – such as filling cracks in external walls and repainting windows.


Take a look at our home maintenance tips, to make this year’s summer preparations an absolute breeze:


Freshen up any external woodwork

Now is a great time to rub down and paint any woodwork that’s flaking and bare, such as on window frames and external doors.  A good lick of paint helps stop water getting in and rotting and ruining the wood in the wetter months.



Prepare your patio and decking

Your kids will enjoy helping you scrub or jet wash patios and decking – which will ensure they’re not too slippery to enjoy outdoor summer fun.  They’re also less likely to eventually crack and split as time goes on.  After cleaning, it’s a good idea to apply a chemical sealant, such as a hard varnish on any decking, to provide extra protection.



Check external walls for cracks

Take a good look at your home’s external walls and, if you can, fill any cracks and loose areas of render and mortar – the cement between bricks – with a good filler. Your local DIY store will be able to recommend the right type.  You’ll thank yourself in the long run as water leaking into walls and foundations can cause major cracking problems, and even subsidence.

If access is high up and dangerous, get in the professionals if you need to!



Fix any damaged guttering or pipework

As with cracking on external walls, fixing guttering, pipework and soffits should help avoid serious issues longer term such as damp and drainage problems. And the summer is the best time to do so, before any autumn stormy weather.

You might choose to get someone in to do the work, as ladders or even scaffolding will probably be needed.



Get your roof repaired before the bad weather hits

We certainly don’t recommend that you get up on the roof yourself as it’s usually a somewhat dangerous task!

But any issues, such as cracked tiles or timbers which need replacing, should ideally be fixed in the summer while a roofer can more easily carry out the work. Rain, high winds and snow can potentially cause serious damage in the winter and autumn otherwise.



Don’t let your plants grow out of control

Plants which grow up the walls of houses, such as ivy and wisteria might look great, but can also spell trouble and need constant trimming and cutting back!  Keeping them under control in the main summer growing season is crucial to avoiding problems, which can include damage to walls, guttering and even foundations.



Be prepared – check your heating system!

It might seem a little early but turning on the heating in the summer to check that the radiators and boiler are working properly is a great idea.  It’s even sensible to have your boiler serviced annually around July or August as heating engineers can be almost impossible to find once most people scramble to book them later in the year.  Longer term, this could save you money – as neglected heating systems break down more easily and can be very expensive to deal with.



Finally, here’s an extra money saving tip!

As summer draws to a close, shop around to make sure you’re still getting the best price for your gas and electricity!  This can really pay off when your home is all systems go in the colder months.






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