What’s covered outside your home?

What’s covered outside your home?

At Policy Expert, our home insurance plans are designed for people like you. If things go wrong, we know you’d want to get back to normal quickly, and that’s not just limited to incidents inside your home. All it could take is a blocked or damaged sewage pipe and you could find yourself with a big headache and a bill to match. So, what sort of coverage does a Policy Expert customer get outside their property?

What is covered outside with our home insurance? 

The cover that you get depends on the level of insurance you have with us, and whether you choose cover for buildings, contents or both. Buildings insurance helps cover the structure of the property and some of its permanent fittings and contents insurance covers everything you’d pack if you were moving out.

What does buildings cover include?

With our Silver buildings cover, your garages and outbuildings are covered for loss or damage to structure, and any damage to the locks of your external doors or windows of your home are covered, up to £500. With Gold buildings cover, this is increased up to £1000.

What does contents cover include?

With our Silver and Gold contents insurance, any loss or damage to the things that you keep in your garage or outbuildings (so long as they’re within the boundaries of your property) are covered. This could include lawnmowers, tools, your fridge freezer or your washing machine. With Silver cover, we’ll cover you for up to £2500 (with a theft restriction of up to £1000) and with Gold this rises to £5000, with cover for theft restricted at £3000.

What else is covered outside?

Our Silver and Gold home insurance will also cover things you own and keep out in the open – like tools or garden furniture.

This means that any loss or damage that might happen to your property in the event of fire, smoke, explosions, lightening, floods, storms or the escape of water or oil is all protected – we’re here to give you peace of mind.

Even better, at Policy Expert we like to go the extra mile for our customers, so we include Home Emergency in our Silver and Gold customers’ cover. Within this, blocked or damaged waste pipes or outside drains within your property lines are protected, and we can help with the removal and control of pests inside your home – like wasp and hornet nests, mice, rats and cockroaches.

Is absolutely everything covered?

Of course, there are some things and some incidences in which you aren’t covered. Make sure you check your insurance product information and policy wording documents so that you’re clear on what you’re protected against. If you’re unsure, you can always give us a call and one of our friendly team members will be able to help.