What will you be getting for Christmas this year

When it comes to unwanted Christmas presenSad little girl with Christmas presentts, we Brits are shameless. A large number will happily use them as
gifts for other people, and a fair few actually try and give them back!

Yes, Scrooge is alive and well; a recent survey by the insurer Policy Expert shows there are plenty of people who clearly see re-gifting as an opportunity to save on Christmas costs.

Re-gifting is rampant

The figures reveal that one in four (25%) re-gift items that they don’t like. And as 77% get at least one thing they don’t want, we’re talking millions of pounds worth of goods.

‘I don’t want it, take it back!’

There is also a large minority, one in ten (10%), who are so ungrateful about what they’ve been given that they actually try and return the item to the giver. Imagine the effect that has on the ‘fun’ Yuletide atmosphere in a household?

Not everyone is a Christmas Scrooge

Policy Expert’s statistics show that one in four (25%) are polite enough to keep hold of those presents they can’t stand. They simply put them in a cupboard and never use them.

Another third take a more philanthropic approach, donating unwanted items to charity shops, so at least some good comes of the disappointment.

Britain, a nation of (online) shopkeepers

There is also a not insignificant number (4%) who could perhaps be considered to be of a more entrepreneurial bent.
These festive capitalists actually make a tidy profit out of the birth of baby Jesus by selling the things they didn’t want on EBay.

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