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Weird and wonderful home insurance claims

The reasons behind most home insurance claims are, by and large, pretty mundane; burst pipes in freezing weather, damaged roofs during storms and stained carpets after parties.disaster

However, just occasionally claims come along which are a case of ‘you couldn’t make it up’. While insurers always get a number of wild claims that turn out to be fraudulent, some turn out to be true on investigation.

Exploding bird seed

A couple with an aviary in their garage were almost blasted out of bed when the bird seed they kept to feed their feathered friends exploded.

The pet food was kept in sealed plastic containers and ‘spontaneously combusted’, causing £36,000 worth of damage to the couple’s home and possessions. Fortunately their insurer covered the cost of repairs.

Lightning never strikes twice?

One home insurance policy holder in County Durham disproved the old adage that lightning never strikes the same place twice when their home was hit once and then again almost immediately.

A massive storm had hit the North East and the customers home was damage not only by the lightning but also hailstones the size of golf balls, causing even more damage to the property.

Foaming mad

A Saga policyholder put in a claim after hiring a completely incompetent builder.

Instead of pumping the foamy substance used to insulate a home’s structure into the walls, as per usual, the builder instead pumped it into the cloakroom.

Fortunately, the insurer covered the damage rather than insisting the builder did.

Come hell and high water

One of the claims is perhaps more noteworthy for the cost of repairs than its ‘unusual’ nature, and involves a tidal sea surge. A couple living by the sea had their home inundated with sea water after an unusually strong tidal surge.

They had lovingly restored the home they lived in and at first thought it might have to be demolished. Fortunately they agreed a £200,000 claim value and the property was restored to its former glory.

What did you say?!

Pet damage isn’t covered as standard on most home insurance policies, so this claim comes as a warning that those with furry friends should pay a little extra to make sure it is!

One Saga policy holder who is hard of hearing had left her hearing aids on the living room coffee table. The lady’s four-legged friend then decided the aids looked quite tasty and wolfed them down.

Good hearing aids can cost thousands, as, of course, can other items which pets can damage or destroy. Fortunately in this case the loss was full covered by Saga.

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