Using mirrors in your home to create more space

If you’re hoping to improve how the rooms in your home look and feel but have a very small budget, the next best thing after a really good painting and decorating job might just be well-placed mirrors.Living room with mirror

Most of us have walked into a room after a large, lovely mirror has been hung in it and thought ‘Wow, it looks so much bigger now’.

That’s the beauty of mirrors. Pick the right style to match a room and by positioning one well you can transform a space.

Here are 10 tips for on the best places to put mirrors if you want to take advantage of the magic illusion of extra space they can bring.

  • Large windows – A large mirror placed near, or at right angles to a large window can work superbly to heighten the size of the window and show off the feature even more.
  • ‘Increase’ a room’s size – It’s an optical illusion of course, but mirrors can make a room look bigger. If the mirror is well-placed, perhaps on the largest wall to reflect as much light as possible back into the room, you can trick the eye into thinking the room is double its actual size.
  • Big mirrors, small rooms – Choosing a large mirror for a small room isn’t a problem. The general rule of thumb is to pick the largest wall and buy the biggest mirror possible for it.
  • Cupboards and wardrobes – Cupboards and wardrobes with reflective glass doors heighten the sense of space in a room and, again, bounce light around to enhance the feeling of size.
  • Place mirrors where the eye first looks – Large and full-length mirrors work best when placed on the wall which the eye naturally looks at when a person first enters a room.
  • Reflect light from windows – Try and position mirrors near or opposite windows. This will help them to throw the most light possible, and also potentially reflect the outside (this is particularly lovely if it’s a nice garden), exaggerating the sense of space inside still further.
  • Mirror over a fireplace – a mirror over a fireplace is the classic positional choice for good reason; it counters the effect of the dark fireplace and acts as a focal point for a room (make sure it’s attractive!). Try and ensure the mirror’s as tall as possible as it will help make the ceiling look higher too.
  • Mirror next to a fireplace – If you have a piece of art or some other focal point above a fireplace in a room, and don’t want to replace it with a mirror, consider positioning one in an alcove next to the fireplace. It visually makes the chimney breast recede, while reflecting almost the whole room.
  • Hallways – Hallways may be ‘big’ in that they can be very long, but almost any will be enhanced by a mirror. Try and get the biggest possible mirror (small mirrors shrink when placed on a large wall, and can look ugly); it will add depth and a feeling of lightness, improving a hall instantly.
  • Bathrooms – Forget buying a typical small-to-medium round or square mirror and placing it above a bathroom’s sink. Go ape and cover a whole wall in mirrors! Or, buy one huge mirror for your bathroom, while retaining a mirrored cabinet or smaller mirror above the sink.


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