8 top tips to create more space in your home

Create more space in your home

Whatever the size of your house, it probably feels as though you could do with more space. Of course, many people opt for large-scale renovations to address this problem – such as extensions or loft conversions.

While bringing in the builders can be an effective way of expanding your home, it can also be costly and disruptive. Before deciding upon some serious modifications, why not try some simple, low-cost remedies for creating more space.

Our hand-picked selection of top tips

We’ve scoured the web to bring you a collection of top tips for creating a more spacious living environment.

  1. Light, bright colours can give the illusion of a much larger, airier space. Ditch the dark paint on your walls and opt for pale, neutral shades instead.
  2. Mirrors, when used effectively, are great for opening out a space and reflecting light back into the room. Swap a picture for a large mirror and see what impact it has.
  3. In small rooms, make sure you utilise the vertical space. If you have limited floor space, try tall shelving blocks or even floor-to-ceiling hanging units.
  4. Look out for dual-purpose furniture. For example, an attractive window seat that can double up as a toy box or linen store.
  5. Stackable colourful boxes and wicker baskets can be a great way to tidy up clutter. They look great while also keeping things organised.
  6. Look for storage areas that already exist and use them to maximum effect.
    For example, the space under your bed is prime for stowing away items.
  7. Having lots of items on display can make a room appear smaller. If your shelves are crammed with clutter, try neatly attaching a drape across the front for a more minimalist look.
  8. In the garden, choose outdoor furniture that folds or stacks away, so you can save on precious space when it’s not in use.

Serious modifications

If you do decide upon more extreme measures, like a cellar excavation or attic conversion – always remember to inform your home insurance provider. Any modifications to your property can affect your cover, so it’s wise to talk to your insurer before work commences.

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